Our Network:


STEEP! Web is an online networking hub that fosters community and mentorship between Taiwanese founders, investors, and supporters. STEEP! Web will facilitate meaningful introductions and mentorships between its members at the appropriate stages of a Taiwanese company's growth.

Our Programs: 

STEEP! will host Programs to spotlight a handful of Taiwanese companies and accelerate their growth into the global market. In March of 2018, STEEP! helped three companies from Taiwan network and pitch to U.S. audience and investors during SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas. Austin is a burgeoning startup community known for its southern hospitality, and is the host of SXSW, a world class conference that includes media/tech/music/movie tracts which serve as a networking gold-mine for founders.


Additionally, STEEP! will host ongoing virtual programming within STEEP! Web to bridge the network and knowledge gap between U.S. resource and Taiwanese founders:

  • Founder Spotlight series will introduce promising technology Taiwanese startup to U.S. networks

  • AMA series will let founders and companies ask questions to investors, industry experts, and serial entrepreneurs.

Our Angel Seed Fund:

STEEP! Seed will invest in Taiwanese founded companies in Taiwan, U.S., and elsewhere in the world.

STEEP!’s mission is to empower Taiwanese founders onto the global stage through a supportive and connected Taiwanese network, programs that galvanize the community, and a seed fund that invests into Taiwanese founded companies.